Calender of Events

ANSC Calender of Events

Events will be added as dates are determined.

Jan 18¬†—¬†Junior Program¬†2:30-4:30pm

Feb 18 — Sprint Races! & Every Wednesday to follow. 7:00pm

Feb 25 —¬†Wednesday¬†537 Air Cadet¬†¬†snowshoeing¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†6:30-9;¬†Sprint races 7:00pm

Feb 26 —¬†Thursday¬†Lakewood¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†9-2:30

Feb 26 —¬†Thursday¬†Sea Cadets¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†7pm -9 pm

Feb 26 —¬†Waxing Clinic w/ Nic Ruel 7:00pm. Get your glide ready for the Invitational!

Mar 1 ¬†—¬†Gander Invitational

Mar¬†14¬†¬†—¬†Lakeside Loppet


For more information feel free to contact:

Ashton White      Email:      Tel: 709-422-1430

CCNL Calender of Events

Feb 21 — 2015 Summit Fest (Clarenville) 11:00 am mass start. For more information and to¬†register¬†Click here

Mar 21-22 — New¬†Provincials Date in Clarenville

You can view the official CCNL Calendar of Events here: CCNL CALENDAR