Rates & Fees


Daily Fee Rate

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Family: one or two adults and their children(any number) – $20       
Adult Individual – $15
Child, Youth, and Student Individual – $5

Daily Rental Rate

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Family (any number) – $10
Individual – $5

Weekly Rates

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Pass only – $50
Pass and Equipment – $75

Organization Rate

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Adults – $10 each
Children – $5 each

*Rentals are included with the cost
**People with club membership are free of charge minus rentals
***Email ansc.email@gmail.com to arrange for a club attendant

1. A family going skiing for the afternoon would pay $30 for their day fees including rental gear.
2. An individual who has a yearly membership but does not own their own gear would pay $5 in rental fees for gear if they wanted to ski for a day.

The following waiver must be completed before using the trails under day fees or using rental equipment. This form can be completed beforehand and emailed to ansc.email@gmail.com The club attendant/volunteer will have blank waivers available at the hut.



Payment options:

1. If the hut attendant is in, they will accept cash or cheque.
2. If the hut is open and there is no attendant, in the hut there is a secure mailbox for day fees. Envelopes are provided for the fees. Write your name(s) on the envelope. Please bring the correct change for your fees.
3. Day fees can now be paid by e-Transfer to anscdayfees@gmail.com.

Rentals are only available while the hut attendant or a volunteer is present.

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